About us

Rural Travel Creator™ is a innovative web portal specialized in promoting rural tourism with a focus on the socially responsible tourists and sustainable rural development. This implies preserving the natural, social and cultural resources of attractive destinations for future generations and, at the same time, providing benefits to the present society. For this reason, Rural Travel Creator™ offers a complete range of offer in the rural areas enabling everyone to create a trip that suits them best. The concept is designed in such a way that by clicks on the pictures tourists can independently create their trip to meet their wishes and choose their ideal location that will provide them alternative to the stressful urban life rhythms in the tranquillity and simplicity of any of the selected locations. 
MISSION: To promote the authentic atmosphere of rural areas in Croatia in line with the sustainable rural development and provide to tourists a unique experience in their chosen destination. 
VISION: To become the leader in the international rural market.
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